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Parents Involved in Learning and Parent Feedback

We are delighted to be able to open our doors once again and invite those in our school community to visit us.

It is really important to us to hear feedback from parents and carers.  Often this is from events and open mornings as well as specific feedback such as the Reception Settling in Survey and Homework Questionnaire. This is in addition to our Parent Voice group which comprises of a representative from each class.

We also try to involve parents as much as possible in school life and learning and in a variety of ways. For example we have held Maths and English Information Evenings, Assessment Evenings to explain how we assess and use assessment, as well as whole school opening mornings, performances and specific class celebrations/events. 

Children's names have been removed from comments and very rarely feedback might be reworded/removed to ensure anonymity. 

A big thank you to all of the Parents and Carers who respond and support our events.

The Masked Reader!

World Book Day Parent Open Morning – 03.03.22

  • It’s great to be back in school and see their classroom. Thank you for a lovely morning.
  • What a lovely morning,
  • Fun morning with the children. They all loved adults being in the classroom. It was nice for us to see how the children behave and react in class. A chance to meet the teachers on a personal level.
  • Fantastic. Full-on enthusiasm. Great idea.
  • I loved seeing the classroom for the first time. It seems fun and welcoming. So much fun for the children.
  • I would like to thank the staff for their efforts in developing my children’s reading. It is amazing to see their progress.
  • Lovely to see the children in the classroom.
  • I enjoyed being able to see the classroom and get an insight into my child’s school setting. Enjoyed watching the children all engaging with each other/teachers.
  • First time visit inside the school. Nice to see the children engaged with their learning. As parents we are available to support the school to help the children reach their potential.
  • I thought it was a good way for the children to show and work on good listening. I really enjoyed seeing my child in class.
  • Very good fun.
  • Enjoyed having the chance to come into school. Would love more opportunities to see my child within the classroom.
  • Nice to be able to come back into school.
  • Really fun morning. Thank you.
  • It was great seeing how engaged all the children were in the game and enjoying the story.
  • The interaction was great. The games kept the children guessing and using different skills to figure out the answers. I enjoyed being able to see how the children are being taught. Keep up the good work.
  • Lovely to be back in school and would love to see more of this!
  • Good fun and lovely to have some time in school when it’s their last year.
  • Really enjoyed the questionnaire. It was a fun activity for the children.
  • Enjoyed being able to come in and see how they are in the classroom and the set up.
  • Really enjoyed the session. As a grandma, it was lovely to see them in the classroom and see the work being done.
  • This morning has been brilliant.
  • Enjoyed the whole morning.
  • Really enjoyed coming in to read.
  • It was lovely to come into the classroom and see the children playing and enjoying books in the school environment. Thank you!
  • Fabulous to see the children engaged in the story. Great idea.
  • Great to be back at school interacting with the teachers.
  • Loved to see my child in his classroom. Really enjoyed the quiz, working together.
  • Was really nice spending time doing something fun.
  • Great to be visiting the children in class again!
  • Enjoyed coming in and seeing the class.
  • It was quite a good exercise, but the masked reader section was really tricky 😊. It would have been made simpler.
  • Great morning! Enjoyed the games and coming into class.
  • I enjoyed seeing the classroom.
  • Great to be in school again.
  • Great to be able to come into school again. Thank you.
  • Really nice to be welcomed back in.
  • Good – enjoyed it.
  • Brilliant idea. So much nicer than dressing up. Really nice to see my child’s classroom and her friends.
  • The Masked Reader was excellent seeing the kid’s expressions – priceless.
  • Great fun! Thank you for letting us be a part of your day 😊
  • Brilliant to be in class with the children Thank you for having us.
  • Loved the masked reader – great activity.
  • Very nice to be able to come and see pre-school. Would be nice to be able to come in more regular to interact with my child at school.
  • Really enjoyed interacting with my granddaughter. It was great to visit St Michaels.
  • Great idea.
  • We had a lovely time. It’s good to be back in the classroom with our children.
  • Lovely idea! Great to see kids having fun.
  • I really enjoyed seeing what the children do in class.
  • It was lovely to see my child in her classroom.
  • Thought it was great fun.
  • You’ve been amazing. Can’t ask for more!

Year 3 & 4 Easter Art Event

  • What a fab morning. So lovely to be back in school with the kids having fun. Very well organised as always.
  • It has been nice to join in with the Easter artwork.
  • Been fantastic being able to come in and join in with the children’s activities.
  • Great session. Very enjoyable. It’s super to work with xxx in the school environment. Look forward to more sessions.
  • Really enjoyed getting creative with the children. Thank you!
  • Great idea! Always love coming into school and working with my child (also the other children). It was fun to get creative and work as a team.
  • Very enjoyable. Nice to get involved with the children. Thank you.
  • It was a good idea to split the groups – parents had to sit with people they wouldn’t normally and I think that’s better and more networking happens. 
  • Really enjoyed today. Thank you.
  • I enjoyed seeing the children and being creative.
  • I really enjoyed coming in and spending time getting involved. Thank you.
  • Fantastic morning. Looking forward to the next one!
  • Fab morning doing arts and crafts with the children. Really enjoyed it. 
  • Good being able to see how my child interacts with her class.
  • I really enjoyed watching the children work and create together.
  • Lovely to be in school doing something different.
  • I loved coming in and spending time with my daughter and the class. So much fun!
  • xxx enjoyed making the people. xxx’s mum enjoyed spending time in school and being part of the creation of the last supper.
  • Really fun interaction with the children and staff. So lovely to get back into school and get involved.
  • I have enjoyed seeing all of the children working together.
  • BRILLIANT! Can’t wait to do more in school. Thank you!
  • Loved it! I always enjoy spending time with xxx at school. I’d love to volunteer in one of the classrooms or as a reader!
  • Fun morning being creative with the children and getting involved.
  • Really enjoyed being able to spend time together being creative etc! Thank you.

Easter Event

Pre-covid feedback

Reception Settling In Survey

•    Most parents choose our school for the locality, reputation and that we are a Church School.
•    Everyone agrees that communications from school once a place had been confirmed gave enough information about transition.
•    All but one parent agreed that the June Information evening gave enough information about school life and starting school.
•    Everyone agreed the initial classroom taster helped children become familiar with their classroom and teacher.
•    Most agreed (some neutral) that their child benefited from the Year 5 Buddy System.
•    The majority of parents felt that the soft start in September help their child to settle well into school routines.
•    Everyone (except one neutral opinion) agreed that Reception staff knew their child well.
•    Most agreed that it was easy to approach school staff with any concern.
•    Most felt that any concerns were dealt with appropriately and effectively.
•    Everyone agreed that their child had made friends at school.
•    Everyone (except one neutral opinion) felt that school is a welcoming place.
Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey, all your feedback and comments are important to us and help us to make improvements.

Parent feedback from Year 1 and 2 Reading and Phonics Morning

'Thank you Year 2 for inviting us in to your class. It’s always wonderful to see you all and see how fabulous you are - especially at reading!'

'Enjoyable to spend time in the class room. Good tips of questions to ask when reading.'

'Really enjoyed finding out about reading strategies and it was a fun time to enjoy the classroom experience.'

'Was really nice to come in and join in with the phonics lesson to see what the children do. Thank you'

'Had a lovely time, children were very well behaved and loved reading. Really enjoyed the morning. Thank you for having us.'

Please see the below feedback for more of your wonderful comments.

Year 1 Toy Parent Morning Feedback

'Really enjoyed been able to come in and interact with the children and see what they’re learning in class.'

'Lovely resources to look at and actually play which helped understanding.'

'Lovely morning, very enjoyable and interactive. Thank you for having us.'

Please see below for more comments.

Homework Questionaire

So we could evaluate homework all parents were invited to complete a homework questionnaire.

Following this we amended the way homework is set:

  • We encourage all children to practice Maths, spellings and read at home at least three times a week. 
  • Times Tables Rockstars for Maths for children in Key Stage 2.
  • A spelling activity called Spelling Shed. 
  • There are other interactive activities under the Children section Kids’ Zone on the website which are a great fun way to support their learning in school.
  • Further learning activities are detailed on each year group Learning Letters.

Please see below for the detailed feedback.

Please see below for our Parent Voice page which is another opportunity for parent feedback.
Register your interest in a place at our school by completing our form at You will be added to our mailing list and be invited to future open events.