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St Michael and All Angels CE Primary and Pre-School

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Our Staff

We enjoy working as a team and were very pleased that in both our recent inspections our committed and enthusiastic staff were recognised.


'One pupil said that staff are very kind and the school is like one big family.' OFSTED 2017


'Staff are dedicated and passionate about improving outcomes for pupils.' OFSTED 2017


'Staff lead by example and work effectively as a cohesive team.' OFSTED 2017

School Office

School Office 1 Mrs Sarah Mooney, School Business Manager
School Office 2 Miss Sue Brooke, School Administrator
School Office 3 Mrs Alex Whyte, School Administrator

Senior Leadership

Senior Leadership 1 Mrs Claire Berry, Head Teacher (Inclusion Manager)
Senior Leadership 2 Mrs Jenny Bamforth, Deputy Head Teacher
Miss Thomas (Early Years Leader), Miss Shields (English Leader) and Mrs Pearson (Maths Leader) are also members of the Senior Leadership Team.


Pastoral 1 Miss Philippa Briggs, Learning Mentor (Lead DSL)
The Pastoral Team consists of Miss Briggs, Mrs Berry (Inclusion Manager) and Miss Lawless (SENCo).


Pre-school 1 Miss Lorna Stewart, Play Leader
Pre-school 2 Miss Jeorgia Prentice, Pre-school Assistant
Pre-school 3 Ms Andrea Mouncey, Pre-school Assistant
Pre-school 4 Miss Vicky Walker, Pre-school Assistant
Pre-school 5 Mrs Joely Longstaff, Pre-school Assistant
Pre-school 6 Mrs Claire Gardener, Pre-school Assistant


Reception 1 Miss Kiera Thomas, Early Years Leader and Teacher
Reception 2 Mrs Rachel Jones, Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Year 1

Year 1 1 Miss Rebecca Barnes, Class Teacher
Year 1 2 Ms Kirsty Young, Teaching Assistant

Year 2

Year 2 1 Miss Sophie Lawless, Class Teacher (SENCo)
Year 2 2 Mrs Sue Hartley, Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistants who work across school

Teaching Assistants who work across school 1 Mrs Barbara Moran
Teaching Assistants who work across school 2 Mrs Julia Prentice
Teaching Assistants who work across school 3 Mrs Linda Sandford

Year 3

Year 3 1 Miss Zoe Annakin, Class Teacher
Year 3 2 Mrs Lynda Nalton, Teaching Assistant
Year 3 3 Mrs Lindsey Allsopp, Teaching Assistant

Year 4

Year 4 1 Mrs Heather Dey, Class Teacher
Year 4 2 Mrs Alycia Dray, Class Teacher
Year 4 3 Mrs Suzanne Walsh, Teaching Assistant
Mrs Dray teaches at the end of the week.

Year 5

Year 5 1 Miss Chloe Shields, Class Teacher (English Leader)
Year 5 2 Mrs Lindsay Allsopp, Teaching Assistant

Year 6

Year 6 1 Mrs Rachel Pearson, Class Teacher (Maths Leader)
Year 6 2 Mrs Suzanne Walsh, Teaching Assistant
Year 6 3 Mrs Gill Nicholson,Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Weston teaches alongside Mrs Pearson and every Friday.

Mid-day Supervisors

Mid-day Supervisors 1 Mrs Kelly Hobson
Mid-day Supervisors 2 Mrs Sam Taylor
Mid-day Supervisors 3 Mrs Jean Houghey
Many of our teaching assistants also work at lunchtime.


Premises 1 Mr Kevin Hobson, Site Manager
Premises 2 Miss Lisa Broadbent, Cleaner In Charge
Premises 3 Mr Robert Nicholson, Cleaner
Premises 4 Mr Duncan Horner, Cleaner
Premises 5


Kitchen 1 Mrs Fiona Averill, Cook
Kitchen 2 Miss Kaley Wilkinson, Deputy Cook
Kitchen 3 Mrs Nicola Bates, General Kitchen Assistant
Pre-School places are available for September. Please enquire at the office.