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SIAMS (March 2024)

The report highlighted many strengths and positives across our school, including the dedication of our staff towards an inclusive school community.  The inspector reported, "Difference is not only accepted but is celebrated here.  As a result, pupils feel free to be who they are and are respectful of difference and diversity."  It also states: "St Michael and All Angels is a welcoming and inclusive community where pupils and adults experience being loved and belonging.  Leaders know the needs of their pupils and families well.  They seek to serve the school community". 

OFSTED (September 2022)


We are sure you will join us all in being exceptionally proud and pleased that we have continued to be a 'good' school!


We all think very highly of St Michael & All Angels School & Pre-School.  The school works assiduously to create the very best learning environment for every child in its school community.  Without a doubt, this is a huge reflection on the hard work that everyone; staff, community and of course our amazing pupils have all put in to making St Michael & All Angels School & Pre-School such a lovely, ‘friendly and welcoming place to learn’.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank the leadership team, staff, pupils, governors and families who work tirelessly to keep what is great about St Michael’s.


We would also like to thank you as parents and carers specifically, who have supported school in all we have been aiming to achieve.  The inspectors noted; ‘The school’s partnership with parents and carers is strong’. 


We feel we provide exemplary care, guidance and support for our pupils which has contributed significantly to improvements throughout school; something that was evident during the Inspection. Once again, pupils’ well-being was highlighted as a strength;  ‘The support for pupils’ well-being and welfare is a priority.  As such, pupils feel safe and well cared for.  They trust adults to swiftly sort out any problems that might arise. Bullying is rare’.  


Teaching and attainment were praised highly.  As were our amazing pupils who were deemed as ‘polite’ and ‘showing great respect for their teachers and one another’.


Leadership remains strong.  The school is ‘led and managed well, with all school leaders, including governors, understanding the strengths of the school and having appropriate plans to help it improve further.’


Like any school, we have areas that require further development.  We were aware of these things and continue to have clear development plans to continue to improve.


We thank you for your continued support for St Michael & All Angels School & Pre-School - it is greatly valued and appreciated.


Mrs Joanne Feltham                  Mrs Juliette Craven

Chair of Governors                                                      Vice Chair of Governors

OFSTED (January 2017)

Our school received a Section 5 OFSTED Inspection in January 2017 and we were delighted that overall school is graded ‘Good’. The report is wonderful to read as it reflects the hard work and dedication of everyone involved in school life; staff, governors, pupils and parents.


There are so many positives within the report; in particular the personal development and welfare outcome which is graded outstanding. It is this grading that we as a school are most proud of. We have created a culture of openness where everyone, staff included, are able to develop with confidence in an environment that is safe and where they feel respected but above all people know they can be who they want to be in life.


Our leadership team has grown, developing middle and senior leaders and their input has been pertinent to the improvements in teaching and learning. Changes in Early Years also resulted in a very positive OFSTED report.


As a school we know that there are always things to improve. Above all we will continue with hard work and dedication to ensure we do our best to meet the needs of our pupils and strive for St Michaels to be the best it possibly can for all who come here.

SIAMS (October 2016)

A SIAMS inspection evaluates the distinctiveness and effectiveness of the school as a church school as well as how it is impacting on the progress and attainment of the pupils.  In our most recent SIAMS inspection (October 2016) the school was graded ‘good’ each of the areas as well as a ‘good’ grading overall. Again the support and care given to individual children and their families was recognised.

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