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Keeping myself safe

Designated Safeguarding Leaders

We believe everyone has the right to feel safe and respected in school as well as at home. If you feel your right has been broken then you can speak you a member of staff so we can help you.

As well as your family, you can always talk to an adult at school about anything that is worrying or upsetting you. We have staff who are specially trained Designated Safeguarding Leaders. Our main leader currently is Mrs Berry, who is available for you to talk to if you feel unsafe or if you are worried about someone else.

We must all work together so we are all safe from harm.

Please do not worry that you will get in to trouble if you tell an adult what is upsetting you, you WONT, and you will continue to get all the support that you need until you are feeling much safer and happier.

Tell someone if someone is:

  • Bullying you
  • Saying things to you that upset you or make you feel uncomfortable
  • Touching you
  • Hitting you or hurting you
  • Taking your things
  • Sending unkind messages on the internet or to your phone

For more information and if you need immediate help as feel unsafe please click the link below.